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Triggering Roto-Toms with ddrum triggers.
The ddrum triggers work well.

The ddrum triggers go to the ddrum 4SE and then a midi connection
triggers the Yamaha DtXtreme at the same time.


This is the Clavia ddrum electronic set I use to record.
The sounds are acoustic in nature since they are samples of real
 acoustic drums. The pads and cymbals trigger very well.


Yamaha DTX 2.0 Electronic Drums. I got a lot of use out
of this set since first acquiring in 1997. The main problem is
that the pads don't feel like real drums. The sounds are great.
 (1100 sampled drum voices).  I used this set to record the drums for
 the Easter Island CD 'MotherSun'  but I sold this set
to get the ddrums (above).

1963 set of Gretsch drums. (Round Badge era)
 This set was in almost mint condition and
sounded great! I think the shells are a little thicker
then the newer Gretsch drums. I bought this set many years ago
after they had been sitting in an attic for almost 10 years.
I finally decided to sell them because I never played them out for fear
of damaging them, and I have an '86 Gretsch set too.


1986 Gretsch set, setup with single mounted tom
 and 3 mounted toms. This is the set I usually play out with.

This is a set of Remo Roto-Toms I bought many years ago. I still like
the sound of these and they are so easy to haul around, so I've held
on to these.


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